Burners to heat bronze crucible type furnaces are usually premix or nozzle mix tunnel burners capable of withstanding the back heat. The premix arrangement can be less expensive with the option of using an open, cast iron tip, but if fully automatic operation and minimal wasteful secondary air is desired the nozzle mix, with the ability to ignite on a low rate, is generally preferred.

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The burners fire tangentially around a crucible in either a fixed or a tilting type furnace.

Due to the possible compositions of bronze and even brass, the melting and pouring temperatures can range from 900oC to 1280oC.

The approximate hourly demand for bronze is 6-7 MJ/kg (2700-3000 BTU/lb).

Frequently to protect the crucible and to reliably control the process, the temperature sensing probe is located in the combustion space, monitoring the temperature and modulating the burner automatically.


Our premix burner tips are used arranged as appropriate along the billet furnace side.

We can design and manufacture economical billet heating furnaces from continuous push type to smaller work place stand alone preheaters.

The dies usually require preheating and heating in down time periods.

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Illustrated is a typical small die heating burner.

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