We manufacture and supply many types of burners to suit this process ranging from small drilled ports for low rate spot heating to large torch burners to preheat ladles.

Companies like the ones listed below rely on our burners to produce first rate castings.
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Toyota Holden ROH
Ford - Australia Toyota - Australia GM/Holden - Australia ROH - Australia

Most metal processing operations require the mould cavity to be preheated prior to placement of the metal. Open moulds can be simply heated with torch type burners or multiple burner tips fitted to a manifold playing directly onto the surface however more intricate dies will require complex manifolds with the right burner tips arranged carefully to minimise hot spots.

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Open Type Torch

It is most important if heating complex die shapes to accurately size the burner jets and specify the correct gear for suitable control. Dies must be heated slowly, usually approx. 1-2 hours from cold, however, if the die has several projections the time should be increased up to 3-4 hours to ensure even heat. We have accurate temperature controllers coupled with die thermocouples that ensure die temperatures are accurately maintained.


The die heating torches have been developed over many years as an alternative to expensive oxygen/gas torches and incorporate a number of advantages including reduced operating costs.


  • Operates on low pressure natural gas or L.P.Gas and compressed air

  • Single gas hose

  • Light weight torch

  • Variety of interchangeable tips available

  • Simple air/gas setting valves

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Semi Auto Die Heating Torch


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