ladle.jpg (15691 bytes) Ladle/crucible heating is necessary for a variety of reasons but generally to ensure the refractory lining is free of moisture, to reduce hot spots and to allow an even heatup.

We have supplied many burners for this process over the years however the most successful results have been achieved using the HBT range of torches.

These allow the application of high heat outputs into relatively confined combustion spaces due to the high mixture pressures available.

For sites where sufficient compressed air may not be available, the BP range would be preferred. These utilise an air blower to deliver a pressure from 2-8 kPa and are an economical method of preheating.




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  • Furnace burners

  • Ladle/crucible heating

  • Gas fired forge burners

  • Spot heating

  • Die preheating

Available in nine sizes, this burner arrangement is suitable for any situation where a concentrated heat source is required. The basic burner includes the items as indicated to enable the unit to operate efficiently and safely on any commercial fuel gas and air.


This is the minimum required for satisfactory and safe operation. The burner will operate on either compressed air or lower pressure air from an air blower. The air blower is the most economical method and is usually chosen. We can advise on all your requirements.

  • Billet heating

  • Hot die stamping

  • Steel forging

  • Continuous steel hardening

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It is possible to supply many flame retention burner tips from a single air/gas mixing unit. This is commonly used on open steel heating furnaces and continuous process heating.

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